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Our Approach

Aspen Hill Speech collaborates with various Charter Schools along the Wasatch Front to provide quality educational speech therapy.  Our locally based company is dedicated to constantly sourcing high-skilled SLPs and SLTs for speech therapy services.  Whether in-person, remote, or hybrid, Aspen Hill Speech services can be tailored to meet the needs of your district or charter school. Need speech services? Let’s schedule a hello!


Certified SLP

Full IEP management and support

  • Diagnostic evaluations accompanied by comprehensive reports covering all areas of suspected disability

  • Identification of SLI disability based on Utah Ed Code eligibility criteria and IEP team input

  • Speech, Language, Pragmatics, Voice, Fluency Intervention Services

  • Documentation: Therapy notes, progress reports, data collection, attendance registers, IEP goals

  • Parent/Teacher consultation

  • Collaborative classroom service delivery

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Accelerate speech goals with PROMPT therapy

What is PROMPT?

Managed SLT Services

Full coverage Speech and Language therapy

Speech Therapist
Doctor using test hearing equipment. Close-up view of a test hearing machine in a clinic..
Hearing Screens

Applying Utah's School Hearing Screening Protocol to school wide hearing screenings for child find (grades typically designated: K, 1, 3, 5, 7)

Additional Services
  • Articulation and language screening on all incoming Kindergarteners or First grade

  • Social Skills training

  • UPIPs internal audits on speech files

  • Scrams on speech files

  • RTI forms for speech referrals (implementation of RTI upon request)

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Serving Salt Lake City to North Ogden

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