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4 Reasons to keep your student's speech therapy going during summer

Find out more about empowering your child's progress through summer with Speech and language therapy.

Summer is near, or already upon us. As a parent or caregiver, you’re probably looking forward to a slower pace and some fun plans with family.

With more relaxed schedules, shifts in your daily routine, and maybe a vacation planned, some families consider stopping speech therapy during the summer. And if your child is receiving speech therapy in school, those services are likely put on pause. But there are many reasons to keep up with speech therapy during the summer months and avoid interrupting your child’s care. Let’s explore four of them together.

Consistency and Progression

Speech therapy requires consistent practice and repetition to see meaningful progress. Pausing therapy during the summer break can disrupt the momentum and hinder the progress made during the school year. By continuing therapy, children can build upon the skills they have already acquired, reinforce their learning, and make further advancements.


Maintenance of Skills

Without ongoing practice and reinforcement, some children may experience a regression in their speech and language skills during extended breaks. Summer therapy helps prevent the loss of progress and maintains the skills they have already developed. It ensures that the hard work put into therapy during the school year is not diminished, allowing children to start the new academic year with confidence and a solid foundation.


Targeting Specific Goals

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) outline specific goals for each child's speech and language development. Summer therapy provides an opportunity to focus on these goals in a dedicated and intensive manner. With fewer distractions and the flexibility of a summer schedule, therapists can concentrate on specific areas that require additional attention, leading to accelerated progress.


Generalization of Skills

Speech therapy during the school year primarily focuses on achieving goals within an academic setting. Summer therapy allows children to generalize their skills and apply them to real-world situations and social interactions. It helps them practice communication skills in different environments, enhancing their ability to effectively communicate with peers, family members, and others outside of the school context.


Bonus: Finish Speech Therapy Faster

It's so tempting to take a break from therapy, but don't lose sight of the end goal: improved speech or language skills. Keeping your child's momentum can help them progress and achieve their goals sooner. 

How to fit in therapy this summer.

In-home speech therapy during summer is great but, let's talk about if online/teletherapy is right for your child's needs. They can continue their progress virtually anywhere. We're Flexible.

With a little planning around your summer schedule, the investment in your child's progress will be worth it.

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